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Auslan Babyhands Class

Are you interested in learning sign language with your young child?

When we talk we often use gestures. Before babies speak they take in everything around them through their eyes. Your babies understanding of language and their motor skills develop much faster than their ability to speak.

This class will be designed for hearing parents of hearing children and it has been proven in tests that Signing is about enhancing language skills not replacing oral language skills.

Children as young as 9 months can start to use a combination of of gestures and sounds to communicate. Learning Auslan gives you an added benefit in that you and your child are both learning a language and as everyone knows that’s good for any brain!!

Please send us an email to express your interest in coming along to this class. We need a minimum of 6 parents with children to be able to run. Cost would be $200 for one adult and baby or $175 concession.


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